In times of the pandemic, many schools and educational institutions are finding it difficult to present themselves to interested pupils and teachers. Digital open days are organized, but they are hardly a substitute for an on-site visit.
With a virtual 360-degree tour in 3D, I have been able to help many schools in recent months to present their building in the same way as they would have done at a regular open day.

Walk along all the long school corridors, peek into every open room, conquer the auditorium offices at your leisure. Many things are possible on a virtual tour that would probably cause a frown or two on a regular open day.

The school or educational institution is now open all day, 24/7. An individual menu and info points (also available in several languages) help the visitor with additional information. Every visitor receives the attention they deserve.

Furtherinformation on the virtual tours for educational institutions can be found here .

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