“We have been working with Mr. Gastmann on a basis of trust for several years now. In addition to the absolutely professional real estate photos, we also appreciate Mr. Gastmann’s always serious and appropriate manner towards our customers.”

Michael Freiherr von Lützow

Managing Director, EVL Elefant Real Estate

“Mr. Gastmann has been a reliable and professional partner for us for 15 years. With a sure eye for the perfect perspective, more than 300 apartments were optimally staged and depicted for us. Technically perfect, trend-safe, fast and flexible with reasonable pricing and pleasant personal contact, working with Mr. Gastmann is a good recommendation.”

Claudia Müller

Managing Director, homefacility

“Konstantin Gastmann has been a permanent fixture with us since our foundation and is irreplaceable. We have been using his services for over 10 years. At any time of day, whether at the weekend or on public holidays – Mr. Gastmann is always there for us personally and directly. His company provides us with close and comprehensive support and always fulfills all our requests with particular commitment.”

Florian Koch

Managing Director, Cook & Friends

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Aabelstein Immobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
ABB Training Center Berlin
Adiuvare Grundstuecksbetreuung GmbH
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Allied Museum e.V.
Amaroo Apartments
Andreas-Gymnasium Berlin
AneCom AeroTest GmbH
ANKER Bros. Schoeller GmbH & Co KG
Aroundtown Group
Atio GmbH
Auer Metallprofile GmbH
Avaton Real Estate
AVUS Tribüne GmbH
bagobag GmbH
Berlin99 Property GmbH
Berlinér Jacobsen GbR
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Prime Objects GmbH



Dahler & Company
German-Russian Museum
Deutsche Wohnen SE
Devisima Apartments
German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)
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DU Real Estate
eBuero AG
Edeka Reske
Edeka Safa
Protestant School Foundation in the EKBO
ELAN Home Staging
Elefant Immobilien
Empira Asset Management
Estrel Convention Center
ETZEL Holding GmbH
Hermannswerder Protestant Grammar School
Ev. Johanniter Schools Wriezen
EW Real Estate
expospaces (NL)
Potsdam Film Museum
Flächenwerk Real Estate
FLAIR Home Staging
forbo Movement Systems
Fricke Immo-Team
Funk Immobilien GmbH
Furgber Real Estate


Quartier Zwei real estate agency
Quotapoint GmbH
Regional School Sanitz
Reichert & Gehrke Immobilien OHG
Reinhardt Real Estate
rent24 Coworking
Residenz am Motzener See
room aid Immobilien GmbH
Rörvikshus Sweden AB
SAVVY Group GmbH
Sawall Real Estate
Schiller Gymnasium Berlin
Schmalfuß Immobilien
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Sebastian Mögelin
Silvio Herrmann Real Estate
Sima VIP Real Estate
Snapdesk GmbH
SolWo Holding GmbH
Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Stark Real Estate
Beach house Wiek
Studio Van Gelder (BE)
Tausendhand Bauprojekt
TELA Immobilienservice GmbH
The Hosts Group GmbH
Carpenters’ Guild Berlin
TransEuropean Properties
Trios Hausverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH


GeWoGe real estate brokerage
GIG Facility Management
Görlich Real Estate
Good reason real estate
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Harz Living
HausHut Real Estate
Holiday 3
Holtz Immobilien GmbH
Home4Minds GmbH
Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH
HVD Berlin-Brandenburg
IKL Fundus UG
Immoagenten Makler GmbH
Type of real estate Andreas Euhausen
Immobily 24 UG
Immokreisel GmbH & Co. KG
Real Estate Association IVD
Interhomes AG
Invest Consulting Berlin


UKIO Germany GmbH
umdasch – The Store Makers
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Westcore Europe
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ZIA e.V.
Carpenter floors
Zukunft Gas GmbH


Jennifer C. Sager Real Estate
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Kant Gymnasium Berlin Spandau
Kanzler Real Estate
KASA Real Estate
Käthe Kollwitz Grammar School Berlin
Kaussen Real Estate
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Kingjee Investment
Kino Union Friedrichshagen
Kita JuLi children
Queen Louise Foundation
Koch & Friends Real Estate
Kreisgenossenschaft Kirchheim-Plochingen eG
Küchen Wilfarth
Brandenburg State Parliament
LB Immo Invest Zweite Pflege GmbH & Co. KG
LIVVIN Real Estate
Lödige Industries GmbH
LUAR Properties GmbH
Lucas & Partner Finanz GmbH
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Meterwoon (NL)
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M & W Finanzoptimierung GmbH & Co KG

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