Virtual 360° tours in schools & educational institutions

Bring your school to life with a virtual Matterport tour

Make yourself independent of an “open day” once a year. With a virtual tour of your school / educational institution, you and your institution can be visited and experienced around the clock by pupils, parents and future specialist staff.

Show the advantages and focus of your facility. Allow visitors to get a taste of areas that are otherwise off-limits for organizational reasons.

From now on your house is 24/7 is equally accessible to all and presents itself in the best light. New students can look around with their parents as if they were on site and explore every room in detail. Future teachers and pedagogical staff can also get an idea of the advantages of their workplace. The open day is now 365 times a year.


Preserving old visitors

Walk through the endlessly long school corridor once again, look around the old classroom or relive moving memories in the school auditorium. The virtual school tour also offers this touch of nostalgia for pupils and teachers who have already left the school but still feel a connection to it.


Intuitive use and innovative experience

The virtual tour can be integrated into existing websites or placed in all social networks. Visitors are always given the same High quality and the innovative experience, regardless of the end device or age group. An external effect that impresses and stands out!


Create added value

Through Info points additional information can be placed within the virtual tour – from simple text instructions to attractive audiovisual content: The school management can already welcome all visitors with a personal greeting, breathtaking experiments can take place in the chemistry room or the first gymnastics exercises can be performed in the gymnasium so that you can do them in your own four walls. The creativity and Digitization knows no boundaries. A Freely editable menu helps with navigation and strengthens the bond with your institution.
You want the tour multilingual offer? No problem. With your own backend access, you can easily and intuitively create content in your preferred languages.

Sample tour of a school in Berlin Schönefeld


Selected elements of a virtual 3D tour

hotspots schule


Your logo makes your tour unmistakable

dot hotspot

Inside Video

You can place 3D objects or images/videos anywhere in the tour

dot hotspot


The multimedia menu is freely editable and can be filled with any conceivable content

dot hotspot

Info points

Place freely editable info points anywhere on your tour, which you can fill with text, images, videos or other content

dot hotspot

Footer icons

Use the footer icons to access the 3D or floor plan view at any time or open the mini-map

dot hotspot

Functions & possibilities of a 3D tour at a glance

01 schule infopunkte

Info points

You can place freely editable info points at any point on the tour, which can contain text, images, videos, links or files. Take the opportunity to provide visitors to the tour with further information.

02 schule menu

Multimedia menu

You can freely edit the multimedia menu. Use it for targeted navigation, further content and as a contact option.

03 schule 3DAnsicht

3D view

The 3D view visualizes the structural relationships and allows visitors to quickly navigate through your building. A real wow effect.

04 schule minimap


The mini-map allows users to keep track of where they are in their building at all times.

05 schule virtualstaging

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows you to place images, videos and 3D objects freely in the room. This allows you to extend the user experience beyond the info points.

06 schule 247

24/7 – 365 days a year

Your facility is open to users around the clock. The open day is now open all year round. Visitors have worldwide access to the tour, regardless of their device.

Examples / references for virtual tours of schools & educational institutions

(Tours open in a new tab)

beispiele 01 WernervonSiemensGymnasium

Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium (Berlin)

Max Bill Vocational School (Berlin)
Campus with several buildings – launch with drone panorama

beispiele 03 ABB

ABB Training Center (Berlin)

beispiele 04 Kleinmachnow

Maxim Gorki Comprehensive School Kleinmachnow (Brandenburg)

beispiele 05 KitaBerlin

JuLiKinder daycare center (Berlin)

beispiele 06 KantGymnasium

Kant Gymnasium (Berlin)

beispiele 07 GymnasiumHermannswerder

Hermannswerder Protestant Grammar School (Potsdam)

beispiele 08 KoeniginLuiseStiftung

Königin Luise Foundation (Berlin)

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