Virtual interactive trade fair stand tours & product presentations

Extend the effectiveness of your exhibition stand – 24/7/365

A virtual tour of your exhibition stand opens up a wide range of possibilities for expanding the use of your stand. Get in touch with customers and partners who didn’t make it to your stand or the trade fair. Use them for social media marketing, training, PR and to help you design your next stand. Exhibiting is expensive and most trade fairs only last a few days. For a fraction of the exhibition costs, you can offer an interactive stand experience for a year or longer.

Visit our virtual exhibition stand demo tour:

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Selected elements of a virtual 3D tour

messe hotspots


Your logo makes your tour unmistakable

dot hotspot

Inside Video

You can place 3D objects or images/videos anywhere in the tour

dot hotspot


The multimedia menu is freely editable and can be filled with any conceivable content

dot hotspot

Info points

Place freely editable info points anywhere on your tour, which you can fill with text, images, videos or other content

dot hotspot

Footer icons

Use the footer icons to access the 3D or floor plan view at any time or open the mini-map

dot hotspot

Functions & possibilities of a 3D tour at a glance

01 messe infopunkte

Info points

You can place freely editable info points at any point on the tour, which can contain text, images, videos, links or files. Take the opportunity to provide visitors with further information.

02 messe menu

Multimedia menu

You can freely edit the multimedia menu. Use it for targeted navigation, further content and as a contact option.

03 messe 3DAnsicht

3D view

With the 3D view of your trade fair stand, you give users an initial overview of your trade fair stand and contribute to the length of stay. A real wow effect.

04 messe backend

Backend access

You can make, control and expand all the settings for your virtual tour via your personal access. However, we can also take care of this for you on request.

05 messe virtualstaging

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows you to place images, videos and 3D objects freely in the room. This allows you to extend the user experience beyond the info points.

06 messe 247

24/7 – 365 days a year

With your virtual tour, you are no longer tied to the short trade fair times. Present yourself and your products around the clock in your digital showroom.

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