Virtual 360° tours for real estate marketing

The virtual tour is more important than ever in real estate marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that virtual tours have become an integral part of real estate marketing. Many owners and estate agents have come to appreciate the advantages straight away. The comprehensive picture that prospective buyers can get of a property in the virtual tour reduces unnecessary viewings. Open questions can be clarified in advance or verified more precisely.

Especially for prospective buyers outside the respective region, it is an immense cost and time advantage if a property can already be viewed digitally. Tools such as the measuring instrument, the 3D view and the floor plan view help you to get a detailed picture.
For real estate agents, Matterport’s 360-degree virtual tour is also a fantastic marketing tool to convince owners and set themselves apart from the competition.

Sample tour of a single-family home from the real estate marketing department


Selected elements of a virtual 3D tour

hotspots immobilien 1


Your logo makes your tour unmistakable

dot hotspot


The multimedia menu is freely editable and can be filled with any conceivable content

dot hotspot

Virtual reality

You can also experience all properties as a virtual tour and move around the property as if you were directly on site.

dot hotspot

Footer icons

Use the footer icons to access the 3D or floor plan view at any time or open the mini-map

dot hotspot

Functions & possibilities of a 3D tour at a glance

01 immobilien 3D

3D view

The 3D view visualizes the structural relationships and allows visitors to quickly navigate through your property. A real wow effect.

02 immobilien maklergrundriss

Broker floor plan

The precise measurement of the property by the lidar scanner enables accurate schematic 2D floor plans to be created. Ideal if floor plans of the property are missing or need to be renewed.

03 immobilien messtool

Measuring tool

Thanks to 3D technology, you can use the measuring tool to measure any size in the room in the property. This allows interested parties to start detailed planning and clarify open questions in advance.

04 immobilien branding 1

Branding & multimedia menu

Your logo will make your tour unmistakable for visitors. The multimedia menu can be filled with any content on request.

05 immobilien minimap


The mini-map allows users to keep track of where they are in their building at all times.

06 immobilien scout

Implementation ImmoScout24

All tours can be easily implemented in your exposé on Immobilienscout24. Increase the reach of your digital exposé.

Examples / references for virtual tours of real estate in marketing

(Tours open in a new tab)

beispiele 01 savvy

furnished apartment (Berlin)

beispiele 02 plutuus

unfurnished maisonette – condominium (Berlin)

beispiele 03 frohnau

Furnished villa near Berlin

beispiele 04 whiteapartments1

furnished apartment (Berlin)


beispiele 05 stahnsdorf

Villa near Potsdam

beispiele 06 immoagenten

furnished detached house (Berlin)


beispiele 07 whiteapartments2

furnished apartment (Berlin)

beispiele 08 ripleystr

furnished detached house (Berlin)


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