Aerial photos / drone photos

What are the advantages of aerial photography of a property and what needs to be considered?

Aerial photography of a property using a drone can be very beneficial. This means you can often see the entire property from the air and locate it in the surrounding landscape. This is of course particularly useful if the property is very large or difficult to photograph from the ground. A change of perspective can provide completely new insights here.

I have the Large EU drone license (the EU remote pilot certificate A2) and can take corresponding photographs of your property if the legal framework conditions allow it without major effort. Unfortunately, these are very strict in Germany, especially in urban areas.

Where is aerial photography only possible to a limited extent?

To protect airspace, the safety of bystanders on the ground and the privacy of citizens, there are quite high hurdles for operating a drone. Even if I have the large EU drone license, I have to comply with no-fly zones. These can be very diverse, especially in a city. For example, it is prohibited to operate a drone within a radius of 100 meters of federal highways, federal waterways, railways, industrial plants, hospitals, etc. The list goes on and on. It is still not permitted to fly over other people’s private property (the neighboring property) unless you have obtained the appropriate permission from the neighbor.

If you are interested in aerial photography of your property, I will be happy to check for you whether this is possible at your location.

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