Virtual home staging

What is virtual home staging?

You are probably familiar with home staging – by definition, it is a mixture of sales technique and interior design with the aim of selling a house or condominium in a shorter period of time and with more proceeds than conventional methods. The aim is to give the property a flair that appeals to the widest possible range of potential buyers. (Source: Wikipedia)

With virtual or digital home staging, as the name suggests, this is done exclusively digitally using photos. Rooms are set up digitally using a photo. In the case of empty rooms, the photo itself often serves as the basis for home staging; if the room is to be redesigned, is in need of renovation or is already fitted with other furnishings, the first step is to digitally recreate the room.


What are the advantages of virtual home staging?

Compared to real home staging in the property itself, virtual home staging is cost-effective, simple and offers many more possibilities. The advantages at a glance:

    • Cost reduction: Virtual staging is generally cheaper than the physical staging of rooms, as there is no need to buy or rent furniture.
    • Time saving: Virtual staging can be carried out quickly and does not require any work on site, which saves time.
    • Flexibility: Virtual staging makes it possible to test different design options without actually having to change anything.
    • Improved visualization: Virtual staging can help potential buyers to better imagine what the space will look like, which can increase the attractiveness of the property.
    • Shortening the selling time: Virtual staging can help to sell a property more quickly as it gives buyers a more realistic idea of the space.
    • Extended possibilities: Virtual staging makes it possible to design spaces that are currently empty or unused in order to demonstrate their potential uses.

Many people have problems “picturing” certain changes or possibilities for a room in their heads. Virtual home staging can make a decisive contribution here to attracting all interested parties by showing the dormant potential of a property. This allows you to reach a potentially larger group of buyers. Details on the costs of virtual home staging can be found in our price list Price list.


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