Virtual 360° tours for commercial real estate, locations & retail

Virtual 360° tours in a commercial context – almost unlimited possibilities

The title says it all – in a commercial context, there are endless possibilities & industries in which virtual tours can be used profitably.

The additional options offered by setting info points, the multimedia menu, integration in Google Street View or virtual staging make a virtual tour highly versatile. Some examples and all functions can be found further down on this page.

Not “public” – virtual tours for a selected specialist audience

In addition to the large number of tours for a wide range of visitors, I have also created many tours that are only intended for a very small audience. Laboratories, test centers and operational productions are just a few examples. The tours are aimed exclusively at business partners and customers and sometimes show sensitive content that is not intended for the public. No problem thanks to password protection. For international customers, all information about the tour can also be stored in multiple languages.

Sample tour of an event location in Berlin


Selected elements of a virtual 3D tour

hotspots gewerbe


Your logo makes your tour unmistakable

dot hotspot


The multimedia menu is freely editable and can be filled with any conceivable content

dot hotspot

Info points

Place freely editable info points anywhere on your tour, which you can fill with text, images, videos or other content

dot hotspot

Footer icons

Use the footer icons to access the 3D or floor plan view at any time or open the mini-map

dot hotspot

Functions & possibilities of a 3D tour at a glance

01 gewerbe infopunkte

Info points

You can place freely editable info points at any point on the tour, which can contain text, images, videos, links or files. Take the opportunity to provide visitors to the tour with further information.

02 gewerbe menu

Multimedia menu

You can freely edit the multimedia menu. Use it for targeted navigation, further content and as a contact option.

03 gewerbe 3dmodell

3D view

The 3D view visualizes the structural relationships and allows visitors to quickly navigate through your building. A real wow effect.

04 gewerbe google

Google Street View

The tours can be integrated into Google Street View thanks to an interface from Matterport.

05 gewerbe staging

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows you to place images, videos and 3D objects freely in the room. This allows you to extend the user experience beyond the info points.

06 gewerbe 247

24/7 – 365 days a year

Your facility is open to users around the clock. Visitors have worldwide access to the tour, regardless of their device.

07 gewerbe minimap


The mini-map allows users to keep track of where they are in their building at all times.

08 gewerbe backend

Backend access

You can make, control and expand all the settings for your virtual tour via your personal access. However, we can also take care of this for you on request.

09 gewerbe messtool

Measuring tool

Thanks to the 3D technology, you can use the measuring tool to measure any size in the room. This allows customers to go into detailed planning and clarify open questions in advance.

Examples / references for virtual tours of commercial properties & locations

(Tours open in a new tab)

beispiele01 westcore

Example of a logistics area with offices (4000m2)

The visualization of large commercial and logistics areas is predestined for a virtual tour. Thanks to the 3D technology, surfaces, heights etc. can be measured precisely in the tour. This eliminates the need for an on-site inspection in many cases. This saves time and capacity on all sides.

beispiele02 sirhelga

Restaurant – the “Sir Helga” in Berlin-Friedrichshain

A small restaurant with regional cuisine in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain. We also integrated the restaurant tour into Google Maps/Street View, so you can navigate through the tour we created without leaving Google Maps. A big plus for more visibility.

beispiele03 globetrotter

Globetrotter Flagship Store (Berlin-Steglitz)

The 4000m2 store is spread over 4 floors. The multimedia menu takes users directly to various departments. Integration into Google Street View has also been implemented.

beispiele04 clubtheater

The Club Theater at Potsdamer Platz (Berlin)

Visitors should check the view from the various seats before booking. In this example, it was visualized by the info points.


beispiele05 mundm

m&m’s Store (Berlin)

beispiele06 maschinenraum

Maschinenraum – Event- & Co-Working Space for Members (Berlin)


beispiele07 pirate

Pirate Studios, rental studios for bands, DJs & podcasters (Hamburg)

beispiele08 sophiensaele

Sophiensäele (Berlin) – Theater and event location


beispiele09 soemmeringhalle

Charlottenburg sports hall (Berlin)

beispiele10 ivd

Stream & workshop studio of the real estate association IVD Berlin-Brandenburg


beispiele11 panorama

Interactive panorama with virtual tours

The client wanted to market a logistics area and an office space in a large building complex. To show this and the entire infrastructure and periphery in an ideal way, we have integrated the tours and other 360-degree views in an aerial panorama with hotspots.

beispiele12 kinounion

Filmtheater Kino Union (Berlin)


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